Opening Your Gate Has Never Been Easier

Discover how useful gate automation can be in Abilene, TX

Tired of having to get out and open your gate every time you come home? Looking for an easier way to let guests in? Then have West Texas Gate Services, LLC in Abilene, TX install an automatic gate on your property.

Our automatic gates are easy to use and can run on solar power or an energy hookup from your home or business. We make sure all of our gates have battery backups, so they can stay operational even when the power goes out. You can even have us install a gate automation system on your existing gate.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our gate automation services.

Multiple ways to control your gate

Multiple ways to control your gate

With one of our automatic gates, we give you several different ways to open it. You can have your gate be controlled by a:

  • Keypad
  • Card reader
  • Mobile app
Whatever your preferred method is, we'll make sure your gate reliably opens up when needed. Book a gate automation service to see just how useful our systems are.